Monday, May 07, 2007


More Great Media Work

Once again, Tennessean columnist Dwight Lewis has issued a clear, thoughtful, and powerful call to Governor Bredesen to not support a broken death penalty system. I meant to get this piece up earlier, but here it is for your reading pleasure. I hope that many people of good faith respond to this call.

And Shane Truett has a moving piece responding to Verna Wyatt's factually inaccurate piece in The Tennessean talking about the problems in the death penalty system and his own belief, as a murder victim's brother, that the death penalty does not bring closure to families that lose a loved one.
Comments :
Thank you for two stirring articles that call humanity to a higher plane of existence than simply "an eye for an eye." Hate and violence are simple, predictable and mean. Love, however, takes very hard work. God bless everyone! Pastor Doug Hill
Thank you for the articles. I assume a lot of the people who want the death penalty in Tennessee are church-going people. I seem to recall that Jesus calls his followers to "desire mercy, and not sacrifice."

Christians who support the death penalty are guilty of child sacrifice. Just as God-fearing people sacrificed the Son of God, today we have Christians supporting state-mandated sacrifice of adult children.

We need to learn that mercy and forgiveness is our only way out of the destruction of human life.

"An eye for an eye" makes the whole justice system blind to its violence. Why do people kill people who kill people to show people that killing people is wrong?
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