Monday, April 30, 2007


New Execution Protocols Released

It appears that the Tennessee Department of Corrections, after a hidden and secret process, has released new execution protocols today. TDOC has decided to stay with the same three drug cocktail that it always used, just cleaning up the edges of the problem. Even though a study last week revealed that this exact cocktail often basically amounts to torture, the department has decided that it is the "humane" way to execute someone. When we remember the gruesome botched executions (that used this protocol) in Ohio, Florida, and California, we know just how wrong they are!

You can check out more complete coverage by the Tennessean here.
Comments :
Any details of the new protocol?
Hey Karl,

We haven't had time to examine the entire protocol yet, but the changes are basically superficial. Apparently, the Commionner did not think that the recent report on lethal injection made any difference.
Prayer at this point. I don't know why but sometimes I forget there is an evil force working in this world, not in Iran or N. Korea but right here in our own backyard - in Nashville, in Tennessee.
As Sister Helen said yesterday, it's time for our leaders to open the door and let the light in!
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