Monday, May 07, 2007


Workman's Life Still Hangs in the Balance

At this moment, a temporary restraining order is in place, preventing the state of Tennessee from executing Philip Workman until May 14th, when a hearing regarding Workman's challenge to Tennessee's "new and cleaned up" execution protocols has been scheduled. As the day progresses, we hope to be able to hear whether or not the state will challenge this order either in district court or appeal it to the U.S. 6th Circuit. What is for certain is that there is no guarantee that an execution will not occur Wednesday morning at 1:00 am.

At the same time, the United States 6th Circuit court panel has rejected Workman's request for relief based on the fact that he was convicted on perjured testimony and faulty ballistics evidence! I'm not going to go into all the issues again here (you can see previous posts or the TCASK case summary) but you have to question any system where the fact that the key prosecution witness, by his own admission, lied about what he saw and where medical evidence demonstrates that the bullet that killed Lt. Oliver did not come from Workman's gun do not count as reasonable grounds to challenge a death sentence! Over and over again, we see that procedure, not truth or real justice, is the issue in the death penalty!

Still, resistance to the Workman execution continues across the state. In Memphis last night a prayer service was held at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The Memphis TCASK Chapter will gather there again this evening and tomorrow. In Jackson and Knoxville, prayer vigils are scheduled for tomorrow night. In Nashville tonight, at 5:00 there will be a public event at the Belcourt Theater to deconstruct the "new" execution protocols! And this weekend, and again tonight, Nashvillians gathered to hold signs and raise awareness and opposition to an unjust planned execution. So stay tuned and stay active! Because we are not going to let the state perpetrate such an injustice unopposed!

Comments :

Thank you for keeping your blog posted with the latest news of Mr. Workman's pending execution. I speak for myself as well as many of my friends when I say how saddened I am that the execution may take place. Even now it is 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I cannot sleep with thoughts pounding through my head of the possibile reality that Mr. Workman may, at this time tomorrow, lay dead as a result of a faulty and broken Tennessee Judicial System.

I regret that I can muster only a bit of hope and that I am filled with dread of what tomorrow may bring. This tumultuous uncertainty has instilled in me a sense of desperation. Not knowing what else to do, I have written our Governor and telephoned his office pleading for Workman's life. The only other thing I can offer is my presence at the vigil tomorrow night at Riverbend.

With that in mind, please, if you would, keep a detailed post as to Mr. Workman's fate, including updates regarding the protocols of do's and do not's at the Riverbend Vigil. I want to make sure I am aware of proper procedure at the Prison while attending the vigil.

Thank you.
Dear Ginger,

We all join you in praying that some policy maker in our state, be they judge or Governor, finds the wisdom and courage to act with true justice and spare Philip Workman from being executed for a murder that he did not commit!

We will keep you posted here throughout the day as the situation develops.
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