Tuesday, May 01, 2007


What's It Gonna Take?

Recent Events:
  • The American Bar Association releases a report urging the Governor to extend the moratorium in Tennessee because of all the problems with the death penalty;
  • The Tennessee legislature is moving legislation with bipartisan support to create a study commission to examine all the problems with Tennessee's death penalty;
  • Almost 200 faith leaders from across the state write a letter imploring the Governor to extend the moratorium;
  • Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking, comes to Tennessee and asks that the Governor extend the moratorium, hand delivering the clergy letter, along with me, to the Governor's office;
  • Over a thousand citizens call, write letters, and email the Governor asking for the extension;
  • The ABA report's polls cite 66% of Tennesseans support the extension; and
  • The new execution protocols are released and continue to use the same drug cocktail which has proved unreliable, if not torturous, in carrying out "humane" executions.

And yet...

What are the headlines of today's Tennessean? "Tennessee will lift ban on executions."

What more does Governor Bredesen need to understand how broken the system is? What will it take? Regardless of his support of the death penalty, THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN, GOVERNOR.
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