Wednesday, January 03, 2007


New Jersey Commission Report is In

The results are in! The votes are counted! And New Jersey's commission to study the death penalty has recommended (drum roll please) . . . . ABOLITION OF THE DEATH PENALTY!

That's right, a group that included a police chief, two prosecutors, the Attorney General, a former state Supreme Court Justice and representatives of victims organizations, religious leaders and legal experts has recommended that New Jersey repeal its death penalty statute. The 133 page report of the committee found that there was no benefit to the death penalty that could outweigh the risks (which cannot be avoided) of irreversible error. The commission urged legislative action to end the death penalty.

What does this mean? Well it means what we knew all along, if anyone takes a fair, complete, and balanced look at the death penalty, there is only one possible conclusion: it doesn't work. We hope to bring that message to Tennessee as soon as possible, but for right now, congratulations New Jersey!

And you can take action now by clicking here and voting to endorse the commission's recommendations in this online poll!
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