Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Free Paul House

Tomorrow evening I hope to see a big crowd gathered at 7:00 p.m. at Downtown Presbyterian Church for the Free Paul House Concert. Julie Lee, musician and member of Downtown Presbyterian, has organized an incredible line-up of artists to share their musical talents with those who gather in that beautiful sanctuary. I am just sorry that Paul House won't be there to enjoy the music himself, but he will very much be on our minds. We will hear from Paul's mom, Joyce, who after 20 years of waiting, is ready for Paul to come home. We will hear from Paul's attorney, Stephen Kissinger, who is driving down from Knoxville to share his feelings about this case.

To say that where we currently find ourselves concerning Paul House's case is frustrating is something of an understatement. I hear myself joining the prophets of old who wail, "How long O Lord, how long?" as I ponder the excruciatingly slow pace at which the courts seem to move. The Governor is our best hope to get Paul home anytime soon, and time is of the essence as Paul's MS continues to worsen. And, one would think that the request to pardon House is not unreasonable. The U.S. Supreme Court says that no reasonable juror would have lacked a reasonable doubt. The new evidence is solid--DNA, confession by another person, spilled blood evidence. Other than a neon sign dropping down from heaven blinking "Paul House didn't do it," I don't know what else the courts could want in determining that he should go home. And yet here we are, Christmas 2006, still waiting for justice.

I hope everyone who is in the Nashville area will come out for the concert. We need to show the Governor that a decision to free Paul House would have our support. The Governor's decision would not be a pro or anti death penalty decision but instead would simply acknowledge the truth which the evidence reveals. Please continue to write to the Governor and ask him to stand up for justice, for fairness, and for truth...send Paul House home for Christmas.
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