Friday, December 22, 2006


Happy Holidays

2006 has been a good year for TCASK. We saw the re-emergence of the Memphis chapter, the developments of working groups in Jackson and Pulaski, the first ever Justice Day on the Hill, and the formation of the TCASK Student Caucus. We've established and strengthened our relationships with a number of great lobby partners and with folks at the grassroots all around the state. And we've had fun doing it. It's been a pleasure to share a lot of that fun with you all right here on this blog.

But this will be the last blog post of 2006. Because as much fun and as productive as this year has been, it has also been exhausting. We've worked long hours, driven many many miles (seriously, I don't even want to think about what I've done to the ozone layer in the name of abolition), so for the week from Christmas to New Years the TCASK office will be closed for some much needed rest and relaxation.

In 2007 we'll be back, and you'll be hearing from us. We'll be making a serious legislative push to pass moratorium and study legislation, and we'll be developing our outreach into the rural areas of the state, so that our efforts can be truly state-wide. So stay tuned and get pumped, because 2006 was a good year, but 2007 is going to be great!

Happy Holidays to everyone, from TCASK.

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