Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hidden Victims

An execution touches so many more people than the offender who the state has decided to kill. Certainly we can never forget the victims of violent crime and their families. Losing a family member to homicide is perhaps the most horrible thing that I can imagine. But the ripple effects of a state killing go further still. Because an execution is also legally classified as a homicide, and there is another family to think of, that of the person who is being executed.

This week, the NCADP blog has begun a ten part series, Creating More Victims, with Murder Victim's Families for Human Rights, a group founded by murder victims families which has opened itself to the families of the executed as well. The series examines the experiences of the families of the executed and is a penetrating look at these hidden (and ignored) victims of the death penalty.

Check it out here.
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