Monday, December 18, 2006


Paul House in the National Spotlight

Yesterday's Washington Post carried a good piece on the stripping of the federal courts' ability to grant habeas corpus relief to prison inmates. The habeas stag of relief is often the best chance for death row petitioners to get a fair hearing of their claims - federal judges are not elected and therefore do not risk their jobs (by not looking "tough on crime") by granting justice to people convicted of crimes.

The article begins by focussing on the detentions at Guantanamo Bay, but then brings up several more examples including Tennessee's own Paul House: DNA testing showed that the semen on the victim's clothes came from her husband, and that the blood on House's jeans came from autopsy samples that spilled in the crime lab. Whoops.

Read the whole article here.

If anyone can get their hands on a copy of yesterday's post, copy the article and send it Governor Phil Bredesen. Ask him if this is the kind of national attention he wants Tennessee to get.
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