Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Thank You All

I wanted to take today to issue a thank you to all the people, around the state, who continue to inspire me and give me hope by stepping up and asking "What can I do?" Over the last few days, we've received a number of calls to the office offering to get "Free Paul House" postcards signed and mailed. The requests have been small, 10 cards, 25 cards, 30 cards, but think about it this way, If 100 people distribute 20 cards each, the Governor has just received 2000 postcards! And that doesn't include the churches and groups that are distributing cards to large numbers of people.

We can't all speak to a crowd of 100 people. We can't all afford to make large donations. We can't all mobilize out entire communities. But when everyone takes up just as much as they can do - write one letter, get 10 post cards signed, donate $25 dollars, make one church connection - we truly see the power of concerted group action. And you folks are the reason that I know that we can and will win this fight.

Thank you.
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