Monday, November 20, 2006


Harry Simpson Rocks My World!

Paul House is now in his 21st year on Tennessee's death row for a crime he didn't commit, even after the U. S. Supreme Court said he was innocent back in July. With the holidays, and family times approaching, we at TCASK thought it might be a good time for Tennesseans to remember that Joyce House may once again be denied her son during the holidays. So earlier in the day I sent out an email to a few people around the state who have often written letters to the editor about maybe writing one about House's case.

And this afternoon, less than six hours after my email, I got the following email from my friend Harry:

Submitted letters to editor to Tennessean and the City Paper this afternoon.


Now how is that for membership that rocks!? Harry's been a key member of the Nashville TCASK Chapter for about a year now. He's been the unofficial TCASK photographer, worked for justice at Justice Day on the Hill, and turned out for protests against the execution of Daryl Holton. So I just wanted to give Harry a shout out so everyone (or the 30 people who read this blog) can know how much we appreciate him.

Now, for all you other people, get out there and be like Harry! He can git er dun!
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