Monday, December 04, 2006


"I Have to be Strong for my Son."

"I have to give him hope," Joyce House said Saturday speaking about her son, Paul House, an innocent man incarcerated on Tennessee's death row, "However bad it (the 20 years of Paul's incarceration) have been for me, it's been 100 times worse for him."

I don't know how Joyce has done it. I don't know how she has found the strength to face life day by over the past 20 years as her son was accused and convicted of a crime that he didn't commit. I don't know where she finds the strength to get out of bed each morning as Paul gets more and more ill (he suffers from M.S. and is relegated to a wheelchair). On her visits to see her son, Joyce cannot even touch him or help him put his shoe back on when it falls off.

I don't know how she has survived this long, but I do know that she shouldn't have to do it anymore. Paul House, according to the U.S. Supreme Court would be found not guilty if a jury looked at all the evidence in his case. So let's send him home.

You can write to the Governor today and let him know that you want a full pardon for Paul House. Or come to a viewing of the story that 60 Minutes did about Paul House's case on :
  • Monday, December 4th (today) in Memphis - 7:30 pm Emmanuel House (51 North Auburndale)
  • Tuesday, December 5th - Nashville - 6:30pm - Nashville Peace and Justice Center - 1016 18th Avenue South
  • Sunday, December 10th - Knoxville - 7:00pm - Church of the Savior

Or get your Free Paul House postcards for you, your family, your co-workers, and your faith community to mail to the Governor by calling the TCASK office (615.256.3906)

And come to the Free Paul House Concert at Downtown Presbyterian Church here in Nashville on Thursday December 14th at 7:00 pm.

I was thinking about Paul and Joyce this morning when I read the NCADP Blog talking about another exoneree and an organization working to help exonerees pick up their lives again after finally at long last being released. Read the whole piece here.

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