Friday, December 01, 2006


Lonely, I'm so Lonely

At least we used to be. Because, believe it or not, folks, a staff of two is pretty small (and having worked in the office alone for two months, I can tell you, that was even worse). But things are looking up. On Wednesday, the wonderful Christina Moeckel came into the TCASK office and spent the morning doing some of the not exciting but oh-so important database updating work that is so vital to the proper functioning of the office. Christina's work helps guarantee that we can mobilize our members around crucial actions as quickly and efficiently as possible. And, Christina's time this week meant that Stacy and I could focus on organizing and mobilizing people to get Paul House home to his mother for Christmas. So, GO CHRISTINA! WE LOVE YOU!

Then, to make matters even better, I had a meeting yesterday afternoon with the director of internships for Vanderbilt Divinity School, and it was a great meeting. The goals of the Vandy program and TCASK's work simply coincide very well. So we are very hopeful that, come fall, we will have an energetic young Divinity student in our office 8-10 hours a week (and it's free).

So, we don't have much money. Big deal. We didn't get into this for the money. And with great volunteers like Christina, and the chance to offer a learning environment for students at places like Vanderbilt, we can increase the productivity of our office at no cost to us and move our state ever-closer to abolition.

Now that's what I call gittin er done.
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