Friday, November 14, 2008


Adriane Dickerson Murder Reopened

In a stunning turn of events, it has been discovered that the star witness in the murder of Adriane Dickerson was incarcerated during the time he claimed to have witnessed the murder. The death sentence convictions of G'Dongalay Berry and Christopher Davis for two other murders was won largely due to the jury's impression that they had also been responsible for Dickerson's death.

"Carter told police he was at the scene of the Megamarket the day someone fired a bullet that struck the girl in the neck. He said he was in a different car but later changed his story, telling police he was riding in the back seat with Berry, Davis and two others. He said he didn't know anyone was going to get shot."

"The district attorney's office did not question Carter's credibility as a witness, Thurman said."

Read more about this story by clicking HERE.

It is now apparent that the district attorney's office also did not question whether Carter was actually present at the murder. "When a post-conviction attorney checked Juvenile Court records and found a document suggesting one of the witnesses was incarcerated the day the murder happened, the state was informed and began to investigate." It is troubling that for such a high profile case the D.A.'s office would make such a significant mistake.

Eyewitness identification plays a major role in convictions--often times in death penalty cases without any physical evidence. It is critical that these eyewitness testimonies are accurate and from credible witnesses--not those who were incarcerated at the time and lying to protect others.

Our thoughts are with the Dickerson family. They thought they knew who was responsible for the death of their daughter. Now they do not know for sure and there is the possibility that Adriane's killer is still out there.

See video here. Click on link and then scroll down and over to the caption "Murder Trial Witness Said Police Told Him to Lie." Click the caption to see the interview.


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