Friday, October 03, 2008


Paul House Trial Delayed

The retrial for Paul House, which was scheduled to begin on October 14, has now been postponed until March 2009 at the request of attorneys on both sides. After 23 years of waiting, yet another delay is frustrating for many of us, but House's attorneys need more time to ensure that he gets the best defense possible and is ultimately exonerated.

Paul (or Greg, as he is called by his family) is now at home with his mother, Joyce, in Crossville, and his health is improving. Though still in a wheelchair, he is getting stronger. Joyce works with him on his physical therapy regularly and gets him to all his doctor's appointments. Paul has a hearty appetite and is able to sit outside to get the fresh air and sunshine that the doctor ordered! Though all of us, especially Joyce and Paul, want this ordeal to end, we can wait, if need be, as long as Paul is home and getting the care he needs.

We still continue to hope that General Phillips will drop these charges and allow everyone to move on. The state of Tennessee has spent enough time and money attempting to maintain this wrongful conviction and should admit that a mistake was made. The travesty of justice here is not that a mistake was made but the lack of acknowledgement of that mistake.

I think we all could have much more confidence in our "justice" system if we believed that the ultimate goal was justice and not maintaining convictions. General Phillips has the opportunity to demonstrate that the pursuit of justice is more important than one's personal ambition, ego, or conviction record. Let's hope he finally decides that enough is enough as the rest of us have.

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