Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Belmont Block Party

A pre-debate rally lasted all day yesterday at Belmont University. TCASK, along with many others, braved the cold and rainy weather and walked along "issues alley" which was located along the outskirts of Belmont's campus. Though we complained about being wet and cold, our misfortune was a fair trade for being a part of a history-making event and to have the opportunity to spread the word about the death penalty.

McCain and Obama supporters were well marked with pins, t-shirts, and signs. TCASK set up an information table next to the Political Impersonators. People rushed to get pictures with the faux-George Bush, Sara Palin, and Bill Clinton. In the meantime, some lingered in our direction, and we were able to have some great conversations about the death penalty issue. This setting and experience served as reassurance that the death penalty is truly a non-partisan issue. It is not a blue issue or a red issue but rather a societal issue, an issue with humanity. Agreements and disagreements happen on both sides of the party lines.

Often times those opposed to the death penalty are viewed as "liberals", but we had some great conversations with "conservatives" as well. We had one such conversation with a gentleman who is running for U.S. Congress whose table was next to ours. He is a conservative, Christian, Republican who is whole-heartedly pro-life. When we first began talking with him, we weren't sure he knew what our issue really was, but then he shared that he takes a pro-life stance from conception to death. He said, "We should not choose when and how someone dies, only God has the authority to do so." If you profess that you are pro-life, can you pick and choose which part of life you are for?

The rally was a great opportunity for all issues-- education, clean energy, politics, diversity, the death penalty--to be shared with the Tennessee public and the nation at large.
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