Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tennessean Editorial and Op-Eds on Death Penalty

Kudos to Dwight Lewis and the Tennessean for publishing an editorial as well as 3 opinion editorials on the death penalty in Tennessee.

"Whether in support of or in opposition to a death penalty, the residents of Tennessee should have clarity, compassion and, especially, justice for everyone. The finality of execution demands that we put an end to mistakes in the system."

Read the editorial "Tentative steps being taken towards fairness in the system" by clicking HERE.

"Resources essential for competent defense at the original trial are being denied in an effort to reduce the costs of death penalty litigation."

Read the op-ed "If resources limited, fairness will be, too" written by William P. Redick Jr. by clicking HERE.

"Exempting the most seriously ill inmates from the death penalty does not exempt them from other penalties, such as life without parole or a life sentence. But, such an exemption does allow for a quicker resolution for victims' families while reducing the costs of lengthy appeals and providing a more humane approach toward those who are most ill."

Read the op-ed "Mental illness must be in consideration" written by George Haley by clicking HERE.

"To look for solutions we must first recognize that the death penalty is big-ticket, luxury item."

Read the op-ed "Like anything else, you get the system you pay for" written by David Raybin by clicking HERE.

Awareness of the Committee to Study the Administration of the Death Penalty is vital to its success. By publishing an editorial and 3 opinion editorials, the Tennessean is encouraging dialogue around the death penalty and the need for seeking fairness and accuracy.
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