Thursday, April 05, 2007


Holy Week and Executions

This week represents the Christian celebration of Holy Week, leading up to Good Friday (the day of Jesus Christ's execution) and Easter (the day of his resurrection). It should come as no surprise, then, that my own mind, more than ever, has turned to the state's decision to kill. But instead of boring you all with my own reflections, I thought that I would point out some more profound thoughts published in The Tennessean over the last two days.

Today, Reverend Joe Ingle, a long-time leader in the struggle against the death penalty, has a very moving piece regarding the decision of the Governor to hold hearings on the "proper" means of killing someone during the week when we remember Jesus' execution. Reverend Ingle writes, "It is also clear how inconsequential the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is to the state of Tennessee that it would actually publicly convene a gathering designed to kill citizens efficaciously in Tennessee during the very week Christians are contemplating the Roman state's killing of Jesus." Read the entire piece here.

At 3:00 today, the Department of Corrections will give the public it's first glimpse into what it is planning for Tennessee's "new and improved" method of executions. Yesterday's paper carried a articulate column by mike Passino calling for a true and open examination of the process, something Tennessee has so far not provided. You can read Passino's column here, and then come and join TCASK from 3:00 - 6:00 in the multimedia room of the Snodgrass Tower at 312 8th Avenue North to demand that the public be given a full opportunity to have input into the process!

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