Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It's Happening All Over

Just in the past few weeks bills to abolish the death penalty have been considered in four different state legislatures. While that may not seem shocking, we should consider the fact that in two of those states, the measure passed one house, and in all four, the bill was defeated by only one vote! Now that is big news.

The NCADP Blog has great coverage here.

Here in Tennessee, we have every intention of making our bills for a complete study and a moratorium on capital punishment just as real and serious an issue. And we intend to win! To do so, we need to secure bi-partisan sponsorship of the bills in both the House and the Senate. We need to continue to educate our state leaders on the deadly flaws of the death penalty. And, most importantly, we need to continue to demonstrate support for these measures in their districts!

Next week, TCASK, along with our legislative partners, will hold our second annual Justice Day on the Hill. We already have more registrants than last year, but we need more! Especially from the Brentwood area, Knoxville, and Memphis. But every person, every body, and every voice count! In other words . . .


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