Monday, March 26, 2007


Rarin' to Go!

The center table in the TCASK office is overloaded right now. It's just covered with piles of folders, fact sheets, and appointment schedules. Why? Because on Saturday evening, thanks to some incredible TCASK volunteers we prepared folders for the over 75 registrants for Justice Day on the Hill coming from as far as Memphis and Union County! And we prepared informational folders for all the legislators who will receive visits from their constituents tomorrow. That includes 27 out of the 33 Senate districts in the General Assembly - over 80% of all the Senators! And there is nothing more powerful in moving a legislator than face-to-face meetings with their constituents.

So thank you to Amy Staples, Ann, Luke, and Kathryn Lea, Kim Harris, Harry Simpson, and Paul Fleming.

And special thanks to Amy Staples for providing printed materials for us, and to Harry Simpson for taking the pictures that you can see here.

And remember, it's not too late to register for Justice Day on the Hill!
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