Monday, March 19, 2007


More Kudos for SueZann Bosler

TCASK kept SueZann busy during her time in Tennessee. As Alex mentioned in an earlier blog, SueZann spoke to a class at Volunteer State Community College with a number of the students signing up to learn more about TCASK. She also participated in a well attended panel at MTSU on Women and the Death Penalty System. Her co-panelist was Kelly Henry, an attorney with the Federal Public Defenders' office who represents Gail Owens, one of two women on Tennessee's death row. Both Kelly and SueZann did an outstanding job of helping students to better understand the shortcomings of the system and the personal stories of those caught up in it. SueZann also spoke to a Government class at David Lipscomb, particularly concerning her experience as a victim attempting to have a voice in the sentencing of her attacker.

A radio interview for Liberadio(!) was next on our list as SuzAnne had a conversation with Freddie O'Connell and Mary Mancini which will air today. Both she and Regina Hockett, mother of Adriane Dickerson, a twelve year old child who was killed in 1995 in Nashville, spoke at a fundraising event for TCASK on Friday evening. Both of these women shared their powerful stories of hurt, hope, and healing, visibly moving those who listened.

The voices of those who have suffered horrific loss and who are opposed to the death penalty are the most powerful in our movement to finally end this failed and immoral public policy. We at TCASK are so grateful for these voices, who,in spite of their pain and perhaps even because of it, are advocates for an end to a brutal policy which only causes more pain and creates more victims.

Check out photos of SueZann's presentation at David Lipscomb
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