Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Coming To Your Radios Tonight!

Join us Tuesday from 6-7PM on 88.1 WFSK in Nashville for the "Beneath The Spin" radio program (soon to be streamed on the internet) that takes an in-depth look at what's *underneath* the hype and the headlines of this week's top news stories whether they be local, national or international.

Join host /Molly Secours/ this week when she and co-host /Brandon Hill/ discuss the recent 90 day moratorium Tennessee Governor Bredesen placed on the death penalty and the Tennessee legislature's consideration of a bill to study how the death penalty is implemented as well as flaws in the system. Our guests will discuss the implications of the study and how this issue affects all Tennesseeans and spcifically African Americans.

Our guests this week will be Nashville attorney, /Kelley Henry/, an assistant federal public defender in who has represented men and women on death row at every stage of litigation--from trial through federal appeals-- for close to fifteen years. Ms. Henry is a regular speaker at
national conferences regarding the defense of those sentenced to death.

Also joining us is /Reverend Sonnye Dixon/, Senior pastor of Hobson United Methodist Church in East Nashville and former President of the Nashville NAACP.

To call in: 615-329-8810 and join the discussion or visit
www.beneaththespin.com or www.mollysecours.com
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