Monday, October 30, 2006


Death in Texas

While we in Tennessee celebrated the stay of execution for Donnie Johnson, scheduled to die on October 24th, Texas carried out an execution the next day. TCASK Board Member, Tim McDonald had developed a personal friendship with Greg Summers and shared the following reflection. My thoughts and prayers are with Tim, Greg, and all victims of violence:

"I Appreciate it and I Appreciate You"

Greg Summers - Friend, Artist, Father, Child of God

The state of Texas knew Greg Summers only as #999010; the state of Texas knew Greg Summers as an "offender" who was expendable in the political process that serves as a poor excuse for a justice system; the state of Texas knew Greg Summers as a conviction of circumstantial evidence. The state of Texas thus killed Greg Summers on October 25, 2006 because its poor and inadequate judgment allowed it to do so.

But I knew Greg Summers as a friend who does what all friends do - asked for help, offered help, shared fears and joys, asked for and offered prayers, laughed and cried. I knew Greg Summers as an artist whose work was shared with those who appreciated it. I knew Greg Summers as a man who longed to see the children who had long ago left him. I knew Greg Summers as a human being created in the Image of God and as a Child of God for whom Christ gave His Life.

Greg and I exchanged letters for over 4 years and shared visits for 3 years. He always ended his letters with the same closing - "I appreciate it and I appreciate you." Greg's appreciation was always given to his friends. He told his friends about his parents whom he loved and the ones for whose deaths Texas made him responsible, guilty or not. Greg was not a perfect human being, as none of us are, but I do not believe he was a killer.

So, from Maartje, Kees, Ivo, Caterina, Ria & Ton, Walter, Joy, Madelene, Connie, and myself, to Greg - We appreciate it and we appreciate you, our friend. Enjoy the peace you have found and until we meet again may God hold you in the Palm of His Hand.

Tim McDonald

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