Monday, October 09, 2006


Bud Welch Arrives Today!

Bud Welch, whose daughter Julie was killed in the Oklahome City bombing is 1995 and who later befriended Timothy McVeigh's father and opposed McVeigh's execution, will be arriving in Tennessee this afternoon. Bud's story is an inspiration, a story of the power of forgiveness over revenge and love over hate. If anyone has the opportunity to hear him speak, take advantage of it. Bud's Tennessee schedule includes:

Trinity United Methodist Church in Rutherford County at 7:00pm Monday, October 9th

The Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville at 7:00 pm Tuesday, October 10th

KUC Theatre at MTSU at 9:10 and 10:20 am Wednesday, October 11th

Vanderbilt Divinity School at 12:30 pm Wednesday, October 11th

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga at 7:00 pm Wednesday, October 11th

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship in Sewanee at 12:30 Thursday, October 12th

We hope to see you all at one of these events!
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