Friday, October 06, 2006


The War at Home

As usual this week, we've been fighting the death penalty here at TCASK. On Monday, I traveled to Memphis to facilitate the renewal of the TCASK Memphis chapter. On Tuesday, I was in Crossville doing a talk with Hector Black and Joyce House. On Wednesday I went at spoke at Glendale Baptist Church (it was a fun talk). But all that time, I've also been having another fight - fighting a very annoying head cold and cough. It's been a real pain.

One of the problems with having only one person in the office is that there aren't a lot of people to delegate work to if you aren't feeling very good. My momma has told me to stay in bed for a day and get healthy. And I wanted to, but there just hasn't been the time this week, so I've been trying to keep my energy up for talks at night and then get some sleep so I can be in the office and be moderately productive.

So, if anything come up tomorrow . . . DON'T CALL ME!!!

Because tomorrow I intend to sleep in and take it easy so I can be healthy next week when Bud Welch comes to town! It's hard to abolish the death penalty if you aren't healthy.
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