Monday, October 30, 2006


Planning Day

The TCASK staff is finally in the office! I know, I know, this shouldn't sound like a big accomplishment, but, as you know, Stacy Rector began her service as TCASK's Executive Director two weeks ago on the 16th. However, I have been on the road (Virginia, Memphis, McKenzie, Memphis again, Jackson, Lexington, back to Virginia) for the past two weeks, and, therefore, haven't been here at my desk. So today, with the heady experience of the NCADP Conference behind us, we're back in the office, both of us, really for the first time. It's very exciting.

But there's also an awful lot to figure out. Like, "Hey, whose job is it to take out the garbage?"

"Which staff person should be making sure that our newsletter gets out on time?"

If the bills don't get paid, who should be shamed and shunned in punishment?"

And all of those other serious questions. We need to figure out what, as a tiny staff, we can do, and who can best do it (as the underling, taking out the garbage is clearly my responsibility, by the way). And we need to plan out our work over the next weeks and months as we head for the legislative session in which we will pass the moratorium and study bill.

In fighting the death penalty, and in a great deal of other social justice work, there are always many many things that we could do and that we want to do. And there are always to few people and too little money to do it. So we need to be able to prioritize and figure out what we can reasonably expect to accomplish and then buckle down and git 'er done, and that is what today is all about.
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