Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Welcome Back, Memphis!

The Memphis Chapter of TCASK is back! After a separation of several years from the state-wide organization, the Memphis Chapter officially re-formed (not to be confused with "reformed" which I originally typed and then realized that the implication was no good). The chapter is meeting on the first Monday of the month and next month will elect board representatives for the December board meeting.

I was in Memphis last night to facilitate a meeting with some old TCASK stalwarts and some new recruits. We targeted a number of faith communities for National Weekend of Faith in Action events (I'll be spending the weekend in Memphis to help the work in that city) and recruited people to join us for the NCADP conference October 27-29.

It's exciting to have Memphis on board again! With 40% of death row inmates coming out of Shelby County, trying to abolish the death penalty in Tennessee without a Memphis chapter is kind of like trying to put on "Hamlet" without Hamlet appearing in the play. Now our efforts can truly focus state-wide! So we'll gear up for the NWFA and then get set to pass a moratorium in the Memphis City Council!
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