Thursday, September 28, 2006


You Did It Again!

Thank you!

Thank you to all of you who made calls to the Governor and the Head of TDOC when you received TCASK's email Abolition Update last week. As you know, Paul Gregory House had been moved to Deberry Special Needs Prison, where he is denied visitors, denied a wheelchair, did not receive a bath or a tooth brush for over a week, and was unable to call his mother. As if this wouldn't be a bad enough way to treat people convicted of crime, it is made all the worse by the fact that Paul House is innocent!

But Paul was finally allowed to call his mother Joyce this weekend. The attendants brought the phone in and said, "Call your mother." So some of our phone calls finally made it through. And Paul called from the wheelchair that he had finally been provided!

Now he is still in Special Needs, which is not ideal. When he called his mom he had to ask her what day it was, since he has no watch, no tv, and no way to stay connected to the outside world. And his MS still goes largely untreated. All the more reason, given the Supreme Court's recent ruling that no reasonable juror would have found him guilty, that Paul House needs to be released immediately and Tennessee needs to admit its near fatal mistake.

But once again, the hard work of TCASK volunteers made a difference, so thank you. Together we can get Paul House a wheelchair, we can get him home to his mother, and we can end the inhuman practice of capital punishment in our state once and for all.
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