Tuesday, September 05, 2006


So, What Are You Doing This Weekend?

You could party. You could take the time and clean the house (mine could use it). You could go to the lake while it's still warm out. But if you are a student in Tennessee, all of those are the wrong answer, because this Saturday at MTSU, you should be attending the TCASK Student Conference Against the Death Penalty! With all the craziness surrounding the office recently (a new director, two execution dates coming up) it would be easy to forget that we have the Student Conference coming up, but we don't intend to do that.

The Student Conference will provide tools and skills for students to take back to their campuses to organize effectively to end the death penalty! And that's simply too important to let go by. . The conference will include addresses by State Representative Larry Turner and death row exoneree Juan Melendez. It includes workshops on campus organizing, event planning, high school challenges, fundraising, and the moratorium campaign. There will be working groups formed to continue the work outside the conference. And we'll have the chance to elect student representatives to the TCASK board! It's gonna rock!

So if you're a student in Tennessee, or if you know any students, register for the TCASK Student Conference! It's free, it includes free lunch, and it should be a great event!
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