Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Drawing the Line

In Tennessee we spend a lot of time on offense. We fight and fight to end the death penalty, because we are on of 37 states in the U.S. that still employ capital punishment. But there's a flip side to that coin. There are 13 states that don't use the death penalty, and sometimes we need to play defense to stop the expansion on the death penalty.

We had to do that here in Tennessee during the last legislative section when we had to defeat a bill to expand the use of our own death penalty (click here and here to read about it). But between now and November, abolitionists and people of conscience in Wisconsin will be fighting back an effort to reinstate the death penalty all together.

Read NCADP's call for help below:

As you know, NCADP campaigns against capital punishment in all 37 states that still retain death penalty statutes. We bring you monthly execution alerts and urge you to take action to oppose every execution.

Just as important, though, is opposing efforts to reinstate the death penalty wherever and whenever they occur. We therefore are asking you today to take action to help our friends in Wisconsin - a death penalty-free state - during their time of need.

Help Us Say "No" to Bringing Back the Death Penalty in Wisconsin

Pro-death penalty forces are on the move in Wisconsin, a state that hasn't had the death penalty since 1853. They have succeeded in putting a referendum on the November ballot. Wisconsin's voters will be asked this fall if the death penalty should be enacted for cases involving a person who is convicted of first-degree intentional homicide, if the conviction is supported by DNA evidence. The referendum question was obviously designed to get a large victory in favor of death. That result would be devastating for Wisconsin, neighboring states and the whole reform and abolitionist movement. Wisconsinites are stunned that this could be happening. We need your help now. The NO Death Penalty Wisconsin campaign is underway, but it is short on time, resources and money. Please helps us by doing all of the following:

1). Make a generous cash donation of $500, $250, $100 or even $50. If you're ready to donate, click here.

2). Tell your friends, family and colleagues that they can help, by appropriately forwarding this message.

3). Let the NO Death Penalty Wisconsin team know who you know in Wisconsin. If you send us their emails, we will respect their privacy.

We're working hard so that we will never have to send you an Execution Alert from Wisconsin. Help us today. For more information or to send details about your contacts in Wisconsin and elsewhere, e-mail us at: or

* * *
We need to end the death penalty everywhere. If we eliminate it in some states, while allowing it to return in others, we haven't made much progress. So please help if you can.

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