Friday, September 01, 2006


Let's Talk

One of the major reasons for beginning this blog almost ten months ago was to provide a public forum for discussion among the abolitionist community along with distributing information on Tennessee's broken death penalty system and our work to end it to an end. However, we haven't done as well as I would have liked at opening the blog for comments from everyone. I know that some people have expressed frustration at the delay in posting comments and the necessity of a blogger identity to post a comment at all.

Previously, if someone posted a comment, it was first sent to the moderator for approval and, once approved, it was posted. After pondering this policy, and listening to what a number of you have had to say about it, I've decided that it isn't in our best interest. So, as of today, all comments will immediately show up on the blog. Additionally, anyone can comment, regardless of whether or not they have a blogger identity. Finally, anonymous comments will be allowed (if anyone checked out the blog last night, you would have seen a comment from "anonymous" saying "booga booga booga" - this was just me testing the new setting).

TCASK wishes to have the broadest possible discussion with as many people as possible, so we've put these new blog settings in place. A a quick caveat, we do ask that offensive language, including both word choice and sentiment, be avoided. I still remain the moderator of the blog and retain the right to remove any comments which fail to meet this condition. However, I will not remove comments for any other reason. I hope that this furthers our discussion around the state and the country.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everybody!

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