Thursday, August 10, 2006


how to act upon returning home...

so what does an organizer do after 2 solid days on the road - driving, meeting with, and listening to people???

write up reports - what else!!! if you're going to engage in systematic outreach you must keep accurate, detailed records ... if you don't then you're doomed to be inefficient, doing things you've already done, forgetting your follow-ups ... that my friends would be BAAAAD organizing...

so even though i have a pressing grant deadline approaching monday, and even though i have a 7:45 flight to columbus, ohio this evening and an all weekend leadership training summit to participate in, what am i doing right after i post this???

summarizing each of my meetings in jackson and chattanooga, identifying follow-up tasks, and (do not forget this step) writing thank you notes to those people who took the time to meet with me over the past 2 days...



peace out <3
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Thanks for the organizing lessons and recommendations!
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