Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Introductions and First Impressions

Before sharing my impressions of last night’s vigil, let me introduce myself. I am a second year masters student at Vanderbilt Divinity School and TCASK is my internship placement for the year. I am incredibly excited about working with the amazing community of individuals I have met thus far, especially around such an important issue. Before coming to TCASK, most of my community work has been around issues of economic justice. I recently worked with Interfaith Worker Justice, a national organization committed to bringing the faith and labor communities together. I am also active in the Living Wage campaign on Vanderbilt’s campus and within the local labor community.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from last night’s service and the vigil but from start to finish, it proved to be an unforgettable experience. As a divinity student, the service of Remembrance and Resistance at Second Presbyterian reminded me why I love the church and its people. Standing together with other people of faith and honoring the value of all human life was a powerful moment.

During the vigil itself, I experienced a mix of emotions. I was inspired by the loving community that had gathered, from young students to long-time peace activists. As we sang “We Shall Overcome,” later lit candles and sat in silence, and finally listened as Psalms were read aloud, I felt blessed to be in the presence of so many committed, passionate individuals. However, it was also a time of incredible sadness. I prayed for Daryl and I continue to pray for the Holton family.

Though I was deeply saddened by the cycle of violence that was perpetuated last night, the loving community I find myself a part of leaves me hopeful that a brighter, more peaceful day is near.
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Welcome Jamie!

Sorry you had to start with a vigil. Hopefully we'll all put ourselves out of a cause here and abolish the death penalty once and for all.
you are correct though, the community is made up of some mighty fine loving people which I'm honored to be able to work with.
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