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Paul Dennis Reid Update

Can you imagine what it would feel like to live your life in a perpetual nightmare? Imagine if you truly believed, with every bone in your body, that the military government has been conspiring against you for the majority of your life and that all the successes and failures that you experienced were dictated by these conspirators. Paul Dennis Reid is living this nightmare.

Paul Reid believes that his attorneys are part of a conspiracy to psychologically torture him and that he is under surveillance by a secret government agency. He has tactile hallucinations and is totally out of touch with reality. Reid has been diagnosed with schizophrenia - paranoid type as well as schizoaffective disorder as well as left temporal lobe dysfunction, probably the result of a childhood accident that cracked his skull.

Last year, the state's own forensic psychologist determined that Paul Reid was delusional and therefore could not rationally decide to drop his appeals. The prosecutors had no choice but to concur that Reid was mentally incompetent, a rare admission by the state. But now, in a Davidson County courtroom, lawyers for the state Attorney General’s office are again attempting to prove that Reid is a competent defendant and capable of handling his own legal affairs. The most recent competency hearing began on July 31st and included the testimony of Dr. William Bernet, a forensic psychiatrist and expert for the state, who in past hearings, has testified that Reid made up his illness and has “pretended to have delusions.”

Judge Blackburn adjourned the competency hearing until September 4 when the court will hear from a defense expert. Read more about this latest attempt to declare Reid competent in an article by Sarah Kelley of the Nashville Scene HERE. Kudos to Sarah from the Scene as she continues to write amazing articles about Tennessee's death penalty system.

Comments :
Can you imagine what it's like to be a victim of crime, shot dead by an animal like Reid?
I don't recall comparing the two.
I lived in clarksville when reid killed those two girls at baskin robbins. I hope he burns. Why should I argue to help save this man's life when he never gave them a chance.
This guy is a con man.
He planned and pulled off several robberies. He also used cold blooded calculation when deciding to execute his defenseless victims. His living is of no benefit to this planet. Execute Paul Reid and rid the world of this human debris. I hear they are looking for a country and western singer in hell. Maybe he can get a booking down there.
Um did you forget to mention that from one of the restaurants he stole money and used it for a car two days later? If he is competent enough to do that, he is competent enough to be sentenced to death.
the wages of sin is death saith the lord.We do not have the right to cast judgement.never mine but forever gods will be done.judges that hand out death penalties will be judged by the real judge soon. for those caught in the system, know god wont put nothing on you that you cannot handle. everything happens for a reason. they can never take your uniqueness and thats the way god made you not the way spectators claim you to be.
Can you imagine what it would feel like to live your life in a perpetual nightmare?
I don't have to imagine. I know what it feels like. Paul Reid murdered my daughter while she was working at McDonalds in Hermitage 12 YEARS AGO, to the day. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BURY A 17 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER? I do.
Are you people insane? hehehe

This guy is a manipulator. Not crazy.

He planned many robberies and killed many people.

I hope you anti death penalty people all suffer greatly over his death. Either way, it won't amount to the suffering of his victims or his victims families.
the real nightmare is what the family and friends of the TRUE VICTIMS of this story have gone through every day since this horrible disgrace of a human being executed them... he KNEW what he was doing. he PLANNED it out. and he then MURDERED INNOCENT PEOPLE for his own gain... that is the definition of competency. he should have to pay for his crimes.
Give me 13 years in a cell and I'd go crazy too, the fact is this guy was not crazy at all, just sick. He would do it again in a heartbeat- how many more people have to die? How much more money should be wasted on him?

If anyone really wants to help this man, they will do him and everyone else a favor and sentence him to his due punishment; death. Then maybe everyone can have some peace.
I hope he dies a horrible death like he gave Sarah, a friend. and Robert Sewell, also a friend. If he had taken friends away from you, then you would not be so forgiving, but he didn't so you get to say whatever you like, being disconnected from the entire situation.

Had you lost a friend, as we as a girl you loved you would not be singing his praises as you are.

- Andy Esslinger
well thats just it andy, you and everyone else who posted on here who knew one of his victims are naturally biased because you have a personal connection to the case. i think in a situation like this it should be up to those who were not to make a fair decision on what punishment he deserves
I did not know sarah personally but i remember the day they were killed like it was yesterday...a call came through on a good friend of mines phone & all we heard was the scream of what sounded to be someone being tortured...i came around the corner to my friend in a ball on the floor crying hysterically...his hand was broken from punching a brick wall...that is insanity...he completely lost it when he heard what had been done to her...i didn't know the victims or paul reid but i will tell u that he deserves everything he gets...he had them right where he wanted them,a 16 yr old terrified little girl tied up & defenseless...y kill her,she wasn't going to fight back,he could have took the $ & ran...why take away a young girl that didn't have a chance to experience life..why kill anyone...i belive this world will be at war with itself if changes in our system aren't made...maybe if we went back to hanging people there wouldn't be so many criminals...eye for a eye...let him rot in the gates of hell...he will have his judgement day & i hope the god lord throws the book @ him...we will never forget those we lost to a crime that didn't have to in peace & may god rest your soul...
Death is too good for this animal.
All this god talk is just bedtime tales for children. Kill the scum and get on with life. We only get one.
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