Monday, July 02, 2007


WPLN Keys in Again!

"This was an issue no one expected to see come out of the legislature this year," WPLN's Capitol Hill Correspondent, Joe White, said to lead off a story on study committee's this morning. Of course, White was referring to the death penalty study committee! And I wouldn't say that no one expected it. Those of us at TCASK who had been working in between sessions building grassroots power to move our state legislature knew that this issue couldn't be ignored anymore.

White did a great job of explaining that, while the Governor looked at the "sloppy" execution protocols, our legislation examines the entire death penalty system. And he also points out that, of the large number of co-sponsors to this bill, about half are in favor of the death penalty. But the message is getting out: Tennessee's death penalty system is broken, and everyone is starting to take notice. Check out the story here.

Great work, Joe White!

Also, check out a terrific editorial by Brad MacLean and Bill Reddick regarding the Tennessee Justice Project's recent study of the disparity in resources between prosecution and indigient defense, published in Sunday's Tennessean.
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