Friday, June 22, 2007


It's Never too Late to Do the Right Thing

Yesterday, Rep. Mike Turner's press conference was a success--the media coverage was great as well.

The story was covered across the state by numerous media outlets. News coverage highlights included this story in the Knoxville News Sentinel that garnered some great quotes. Rep. Eric Swafford, Joyce House’s representative, said “I've read the court case. I've looked at the evidence. Paul House would not have been convicted," said the Pikeville Republican, who also signed the petition. "It's never too late to do the right thing."

Also, Rep. Gerald McCormick, a Chattanooga Republican who signed the petition, said he supports capital punishment but not in this case. "Only for the guilty," he said. "Something went wrong here, and I hope the governor will consider the merits of the case."

National media coverage included coverage by USA TODAY found here.

We also had visual media coverage including News Channel 5’s coverage that displayed our awesome Paul House t-shirts. The article can be found here. Even more reason to buy these amazing shirts!

Comments :
This pretty well summarizes why the state should retry this guy:
Why not try looking at an actual decision, rather than a brief filed by the Attorney General (shockingly, the A.G. says that House is guilty)? The highest court in the country has dismissed the arguments put forward in this brief, and today we expect the new A.G. to argue once again that the courts should not look at all the evidence available in the House case. If they're so sure he's guilty, why are they so afraid to look at all the evidence?
Are you disputing that House had scratches etc.? Just because hacks like Souter and Stevens and softies like Ginsburg and Breyer and unmoored Justices like Kennedy either cannot get up the gumption to condemn the guy or want to doesn't mean that House told the truth about his whereabouts or that the scratches were innocent.
I'm looking at my legs and hands right now. I have a cut on my knee from moving some furniture and a scratch on the back of my foot from exiting a truck bed. Also, I just had a cut on my hand heal up from a mountain biking mishap. I guess I could be guilty of some crime committed out there due to my "scratches."

From what I derive after reading the case, the cuts on House's hand were not in a position that would have resulted from striking or assaulting an individual. Also, House was running through forest in darkness--I have been cut doing that as a youngster many times. Who out there is impervious to scratches?

I also have trouble understanding why one would dismiss the majority of the US Supreme Court as making the wrong decision. When someone starts insulting these justices I strongly question their credibility--again this is the US Supreme Court we are talking about here. We may not always agree with their decisions but I typically stray away from calling them "hacks."
Yep, everyone runs through the woods in total darkness, shows up with scratches, is missing some of his clothing, has a bs story about his whereabouts, yeah, that's right.

And Souter and Stevens are hacks. Ever read some Stevens? Souter?
Instead of discussing scratches, not that I'm ignoring them because they are important to the case, let's discuss something else. How about DNA evidence, drunken confessions, or mishandled evidence? Everything must be taken into consideration, so please stop narrowing your view into what supports your claim the best.

While I might consistently disagree with rulings of certain justices, I respect the highest court in the land and the individuals that are vested with the responsibility of making decisions that change US history.
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