Thursday, June 21, 2007


Free Paul House T-Shirts!

Viewing the previous posts, you might have noticed that the TCASK activists at the press conference were wearing some pretty awesome t-shirts. That's because our new Free Paul House t-shirts arrived in the office and are available to you now! We want people on the streets to start seeing this message everywhere, so get your t-shirt today and support Paul and Joyce House!

I wish we had high tech ordering mechanisms, but, unfortunately, we don't, so to order your t-shirt just send a check to TCASK at:

508 Main Street

Nashville, TN 37206

T-shirts are $15 which includes are shipping and handling costs to send them to you. They are $10 in the office for sizes S,M,L, or XL and $12 for XXL (blame our printer, they charge us more for these).
I think they're pretty cool, so we need to get out and show 'em off!

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