Monday, June 18, 2007


Garage Sale + Waffle House = A Great Saturday

Who here doesn’t enjoy a good old fashioned garage sale? Furthermore, who here loves raising money to free an innocent man off of Tennessee’s death row? Paul House’s family members and TCASK put on a garage sale in Knoxville on Saturday June 16th to do just that. The garage sale was chock full of a variety of items thoughtfully donated by members of the local community and the organizers of the garage sale. Special thanks go out to Susan Bowen, Pam House, and Paul’s mother, Joyce House. They put up numerous signs for the garage sale and spent an entire Saturday sitting in the hot sun peddling items to passerby’s and supporters of our cause.

Early mornings are TCASK's specialty as the organizers departed Nashville at 445 AM and arrived at 830 to get the party started. At the garage sale Alex, Kathryn Lea, and Isaac incited conversation and discussion on Paul House’s case, the Tennessee death penalty, romance novels, and alien shaped water bottles as we explained the purpose to our fundraising event. Overall the garage sale was a success as we raised valuable funds that will be put forth to freeing Paul House as well as signing up new TCASK members to stay informed on and champion death penalty abolition.

The trip would not be complete however until a timely trip to a nearby Waffle House where our busy organizers gorged themselves on the delicious hash browns that W.H. has perfected. The variety of items available to top the delicious potatoes (tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, ham, and much more) is no different than the plethora of problems with our state’s capital punishment system. Not my greatest analogy, but we all still have Waffle House on the mind!

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And we shouldn't forget Kathryn's mom, Ann Lea. Not only is Ann a formidable TCASK activist in her own right, but she does everything she can, including, in this case, waking up at 4:00 AM to drop Kat at the TCASK office for our trip! Hats off to Ann!
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