Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Who Cares About Redemption

Reading this article this morning, I was struck again by the death penalty's absolute rejection of the idea of redemption. By executing someone, we decide that nothing else they can ever do can matter. Nothing matters, "they" are "worthless" we're told.

We actually brought this up at the vigil last night as well, but what has been inspiring is that three different groups of people have already set plans to deliver pizza to Nashville's homeless today in Philip Workman's name. The state may not believe that anything good can come from a "convicted murderer" and it may even refuse to let that person make a last gesture of kindness to the world, but we don't believe that, and so thank you to all of you who refuse to let people be drawn in black and white. Your actions to honor life are an inspiration.
Comments :
A People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) donor has stepped up after hearing last night about Tennessee prison officials’ refusal to grant death row inmate Philip Workman’s last meal request for a vegetarian pizza for a homeless person. The PETA donor says she was impressed that someone just hours from death himself reached out to help humans and animals in a nonviolent way, and was disappointed that the request was not honored. PETA says that other people on death row frequently order meals that cause countless animals to be slaughtered, not to sustain a human life but to satisfy their own gluttony in a final violent act. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk says, “Workman’s act was selfless, and kindness to all living beings is a virtue. PETA will be ordering not one but ten veggie pizzas to be delivered today to the closest homeless shelter to Riverbend.”
Actually, a person facing dath can reclaim their humanity. It's called accepting the consequences of one's actions.

Of course, instead of some cheap publicity stunt, Workman could have chosen to make a statement about the bravery of public servants like Lt. Oliver, a subject that got lost in the shuffle with everyone's desire to pile kudos on a cop-killer.
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