Tuesday, May 29, 2007


One Click Online Activism

A number of states are embattled right now over the future of the death penalty, and we are in a position to help quickly and easily right from our computer screens. yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for some quick-click online activism!

In North Carolina, the debate is raging over whether or not the state should reinstate its death penalty (there is currently a moratorium in place to look at execution procedures). You can click here to vote NO in the Charlotte Observer's online poll.

New Jersey is pushing to move from a moratorium to abolition. The Press of Atlantic City has an online poll about whether or not they should do so. Check it out and vote YES (scroll to the bottom of the page)!

And finally, in Illinois which has had a moratorium in place since Governor Ryan cleared its death row, there is a continuing fight to abolish the death penalty rather than bring it back. Vote against the death penalty in Illinois here.

Why bother? I'll admit that no one is going to end the death penalty based on some online polls (hardly a scientific sampling or a highly thought out policy debate), but across the country, we are seeing more and more of these polls swing to the abolition side, and, believe it or not, policy-makers look at these things. Each online poll that shows serious doubts about the death penalty in the public mind brings us one step closer to ending this policy once and for all. So exert your online democratic prerogative, and vote for an end to the death penalty today!

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I voted cept the Ill database couldn't handle the traffic so I'll try that later.
Encouraging to see that the majority voting in these polls are solidly against the death penalty. Wonder if Ohio has such a poll somewhere...
It is great to see how, across the country, support for the death penalty is falling. Executions are down, death sentences are down, more and more states are passing reforms or study bills like ours, and we're winning these online polls more and more regularly!
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