Friday, May 18, 2007


He Won't Let Paul House Be Forgotten

During the past several weeks, with the end of the Governor's moratorium, the tragic execution of Philip Workman, and the increasing movement of death penalty study legislation, we haven't heard the name Paul House in the media or the general public debate on the death penalty recently. And we should, because, regardless of your opinion on capital punishment, no one should be in favor of executing an innocent man.

Well, Representative Mike Turner is having none of it! He's already written to the Governor asking him to do the right thing and pardon Paul House, but now he will be circulating a letter among his colleagues asking them to sign on to also call on the Governor to get an innocent man home to his mother! And you can help! Call or write to your rep this weekend and ask them to sign on to Rep. Turner's letter! And of course let the TCASK office know how they respond.

And anyone in Mike Turner's district, thank him for his principled and brave fight to get an innocent man off death row and home to his mother!

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