Thursday, February 22, 2007


True, Principled Leadership

Yesterday, hearing were held in the Maryland legislature regarding Maryland's use of capital punishment. The hearings included testimony from exonerees including Kirk Bloodsworth and Ray Krone as well as other national voices. But, what is perhaps more inspiring, was the fact that Marylands new Governor, Martin O'Malley (seriously that's a real picture - talk about a cool dude as Governor!), testified before House and Senate panels in favor of repealing capital punishment in Maryland. That a newly seated Governor would be willing to take such a courageous stand for what is right so early in his term is a wonderful reminder, for me, of how lucky we are to have some politicians who will take a stand for what they believe is right.

Here in Tennessee, we are blessed with Representatives like Larry Turner, a man who believes the death penalty to be unjust and works hard to bring a true sense of justice, not vengeance, to Tennessee's laws. We are also lucky to have many thoughtful and principled legislators. People like Senator Doug Jackson, who, while not opposing capital punishment on principle, is willing to use his political capital to sponsor legislation creating a study commission to examine the current injustices that plague our capital punishment system. When you have a moment, particularly if you live in Memphis or Dickson, Hickman, or Giles Counties, write to Representative Turner or Senator Jackson and thank them for their principled leadership.

And read more about Maryland's extraordinary development at the NCADP blog.
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