Thursday, February 15, 2007


House Representative Calls on Governor to Pardon Paul House

As anyone who has read last night's TCASK Abolition Update already knows, State Representative Mike Turner has submitted a resolution calling on Governor Phil Bredesen to issue a full pardon to Paul House. Representative Turner has communicated with our office a number of times, and we are thrilled to have him make this just and conscientious call.

Representative Turner's courageous move has received coverage on WPLN this morning as well as in a terrific story by the Nashville City Paper. For a taste:

“I am convinced that the courts in their deliberations will eventually free Paul, but the legal process is slow and he is already under a sentence of death as he is a very sick man,” Turner wrote in his June 30 letter to Bredesen. “What a shame and what a blemish it would be upon our great state to have an innocent man die in prison,” the letter continued. “I would respectfully ask you to pardon Paul House and send him home to his family.”

After reading the story, call your legislator and ask them to sign on to Representative Turner's Resolution as a co-sponsor.

You can find your legislator here and then call them at their state offices. With your help, we will be able to get an innocent man home to his mother.
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