Monday, February 05, 2007


Telling the Truth

I worshiped with the good folks at Downtown Presbyterian Church yesterday, the congregation who hosted our "Free Paul House Concert" back in December. After the service, Julie Lee, the gifted artist who organized the concert for us, wanted to talk with me about what was happening with the Paul House case. She shared that Paul and his mother, Joyce, stayed on her mind during Christmas Eve as no news came down from the Governor concerning Paul's release, which we had hoped to achieve by Christmas.

Here we are now in February, and still no word. And yet, I remain hopeful. The Nashville Scene is writing another story on Paul's case due out next week. We are so grateful to The Scene for keeping this story alive. And, now that the Governor has enacted the 90 day moratorium on executions, we, at TCASK, can continue to focus our efforts on Paul's release.

Please continue to write to the Governor asking for a pardon for Paul House. We will keep you updated as we make progress, but we need you to keep his name in front of the the Governor and the public. It is easy to become discouraged as getting justice for Paul is so slow in coming, but I believe that it is coming. When the writer for The Scene asked me if there remained any reason to hope that Paul would be pardoned, I responded, "Of course, we should be hopeful because we are on the side of the truth." Let's keep speaking the truth and trust that the truth will finally make Paul free.
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