Friday, February 02, 2007


Moratorium in the News

Governor Bredesen's decision yesterday to halt executions due to concerns with the execution procedures has received news coverage all over the state. You can find quotes from the TCASK staff in all the major publications, including The Tennessean, Memphis Commercial Appeal, and the Knoxville News-Sentinel. You can also see us on TV, and I'd like to give a shout out to Fox 17's Sky Arnold for great reporting on the Governor's decision. Check it out here.

The Governor referred to the execution procedures as "sloppy" and he's right, they certainly are that. "Inhumane" might be another word someone could use. But more importantly, Tennessee's entire death penalty system is "sloppy." We can't guarantee that we won't sentence innocent people to death (does anyone remember Paul House?). Our system can't administer justice fairly, instead it unjustly targets the poor, racial minorities, and the mentally ill. And it sloppily wastes millions of tax-payer dollars.

We've taken a great first step in Tennessee, and the Governor should be applauded for his action, but we need, now more than ever, a complete study of the death penalty system. No more executions should be carried out until we can be guaranteed that we have a system that we can trust to be completely fair and accurate!
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Execution delays unjust

To the Editor:

Now, we have a PC governor bypassing the judgment of 12 good citizens who handed the death sentence to killers who had no respect for their victims or whether it hurt them when they were put to death.

This is a good example of how our justice system has run amok, in that we have people like the governor who think they are God and can do whatever they want to. As long as we have people like this, we will have no justice.

James Brown

Cumberland Furnace 37051
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