Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Look at the Numbers

I am currently in the midst of preparations for a presentation which I will be making this evening at a local church. Besides the Biblical and theological information that I will explore, I am also reviewing lots of data, particularly numbers, concerning the death penalty. Numbers are not my thing, so I have to be sure I am sharp and ready to field questions! And as always, as I look at the numbers, I feel like I am being slapped in the face by the sheer force of them.

I always approach these presentations with a sense of expectancy, believing that both God and the numbers are with me. As the crowd gathers this evening for their Wednesday night supper of fried chicken and casseroles, I expect many will have never heard such numbers before, and jaws will drop when they are revealed. Not so long ago, a congressman whose name I can remember, was quoted as saying to a colleague speaking about the war in Iraq, "You are entitled to your own opinions, my friend, but not your own facts."

Same goes for the death penalty. When people begin to hear the numbers, you can visibly see the discomfort:

The numbers are frightening. But, there they are. I will always share with people the reasons why the death penalty is wrong--Biblically and morally--because as a person of faith, I must. But, even considering my usual dislike of numbers, I must admit, that the numbers do starkly reveal the failure of the death penalty as a policy, so I will keep working on my numbers.

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Wow, Stacy, how anyone can argue with those numbers is beyond me. Especially the bottom line of the cost. But, what a shame so many people don't even think about the cost of a human life. Thanks for this info.
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