Monday, January 22, 2007


Governor Invites Joyce House to Inauguration Without Sparing Her Son

If you watched the news this weekend, then you likely already know that on Saturday, Governor Phil Bredesen was inaugurated for his second four-year term as Governor. The inaugural ceremony was held Saturday morning on War Memorial Plaza and the evening included several celebratory balls in Nashville.

What you may not have known, is that the Governor's inaugural committee mailed an unsolicited invitation to the inauguration and both balls to Joyce House, mother of Tennessee death row inmate Paul House. Interesting. All of this at the same time as the Governor has so far resisted the requests made to meet face to face regarding House's case. And Joyce, though she bought a new dress and traveled to Nashville for the occasion, was unable to meet the Governor on Saturday either.

Why did the Governor's committee invite Joyce to attend the inauguration of the man who supports the system that is aiming to kill her innocent and sick son? I don't know. I only wish that the plans for the inauguration had included a receiving line of some sort. Of course, I don't suppose that you would want to meet the woman whose son your state is trying to kill. It might make it harder to support the system.
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