Wednesday, January 10, 2007



Karan Simpson (who along with her husband Harry forms the dynamic duo of TCASK photography) just sent me a few great pictures and a link to a flicker site with some terrific shots from our vigil against Sedley Alley's execution, sign holdings to stop the execution of Daryl Holton, Free Paul House Concert, and last night's lobby training.

Check it out here.
Comments :
You showed some pictures of people that is living in another world.

Sedley Alley was my brother, you have no idea how terrible he was. You need to WAKE UP and get a cause that will really help people.

I am sorry if the pictures from the TCASK vigil at Sedley's execution were in any way painful for you. Sadly, the whole issue of violence and its effects are extremely painful. We, at TCASK, do believe that we are helping people by working toward another way of dealing with the violent crime in our society, a way which does not create more violence and more victims as executions do. Life without parole is available in Tennessee, allowing for society to be protected without killing someone. As a person of faith and as a taxpayer, I do not want my dollars to support the killing of another human being, regardless of what he or she may have done. In the end, I am opposed to the death penalty not because of who Sedley(or any other person)was but because of who I am. Thank you for your willingness to share your thoughts.
Sedley was my father. I love him very much, no matter what. I thank TCASK for the support they showed me and my brother.
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