Monday, November 13, 2006


Dear Peggy

I wanted to take this afternoon to give a quick shout out to Peggy Knupps.

A lot of you may not know Peggy, but she is on the TCASK mailing list and, when she saw the request for a volunteer newsletter layout editor, Peggy responded. See, she's in the process of completing a graphic design degree (translation: she knows waaaaaay more about design and layouts than Stacy and I ever will) and realized that this might be the way that her talents could be of help to TCASK.

Peggy was in the office today to show Stacy and I some initial design thoughts (they are cooler than ours) and to discuss the timing of the next newsletter, and we are really excited to have someone both willing and able to do this job, which is both so critical and so difficult for us to do. So a big TCASK Blog thank you to Peggy.

And where do all of our readers fall into this picture? Well, only you can answer that, but there are tons of things that people can do to help. Do you live in the Nashville area? Then spend some time volunteering in the TCASK office helping with our database transition (not sexy work, but oh-so important). Good at smiling? Join the TCASK legislative working group to get our newly minted legislators educated about Tennessee's broken capital punishment system. Good at writing? Send letters to the editor regarding Tennessee cases. Have money? Donate some to TCASK! And there are a lot more opportunities available. In short, my fellow Tennesseans, ask not what your abolition group can do for you, but what you can do for abolition.
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