Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The Debate Continues

Yesterday, C-Span aired a forum by the Brookings Institute on the death penalty. This forum looks to be a really informative glimpse of the death penalty system. This is a long program of about two hours, but if you have the time, definitely take a look or a listen to it. You just click on the link above and scroll down until you see "Brookings Institute Panel on the Death Penalty." I'm listening to it as I'm working in the office today.

One thing that strikes me, as usual, is the insistence of pro-death penalty advocates referring to the death penalty as being "justice" particularly for the victims. As if executing only poor people, and targeting the mentally ill and racial minorities, could ever be just. Still, I think that having open debates is crucial, so I would commend the Brookings Institute for having this panel and I hope that some of you get to watch it, even as we gear up to oppose another state sponsored killing in our own state.
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